Add Jump Links To Your Sales Letters In About 2 Minutes To Increase Conversions And Make A Better Buy Experience For Your Customers

If all you’re doing on your sales letter is adding an order BUn at the bottom, then you’re losing sales. And, if you are copying your order BUns so it appears multiple times within your sales letter you are also losing sales and possibly inviting refunds. On a sales letter you want to have the order BUn at the bottom, that way people start at the top, read what they need to see then they buy. But we can’t assume that people know that the bottom of your sales letter is where they should go to order.

As we progress through the problem, the solution and the benefits. One single feature might convince someone to buy and we want to make it easy for them to make that buying decision right now before we’ve said too much. That’s why we want to add what are called anchor links throughout the page. Preferably, once per page starting with where you introduce the author and when you click on them, draws people down to the order form.

The reason for this is first of all to have many of these links that people can make a decision right now to buy but we’re dropping our customers down to the bottom of the webpage to the order form then they know exactly what they are getting. If we were offering a course for a thousand dollars and someone decided they wanted the course and they click to buy, and suddenly it said a thousand dollars. They’d be tempted to click back to verify what they were getting.

If we were offering a monthly site, for example, for $20 dollars per month and somebody decided to buy. They wouldn’t see exactly what they’re paying and what they were getting, and it would make for a confusing user experience. That’s why it’s important to add these jump links starting with where you introduce your solution and your offer, and have these links drop down to the bottom of the webpage where your order form and order BUn are and place a different reason in each link. And that means, if we’re offering a course about WordPress and we start off with saying that one section is the important plugins to add.

We might make a link say, “Great, I want to know what plugins to add. Let me order now,” and click that link, they dropped down to the bottom of the webpage and now they can order. Then we talk about the perfect themes that people should use for their WordPress blogs. You can say, “This theme training is just what I want, click to order now.” They click that, they are dropped to the bottom of the page. Now, they can click to order.

But adding jump links in this fashion where they’are listed once per page with a different reason that drops people down to the bottom of the page, will make it clearer what they’re buying and make it easier for them to buy in the first place.

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