Add All Seven Robert Cialdini Points To Your Sales Letter To Make Sure They Have All The Details And Has Maximum Persuasive Effect

If you apply all seven persuasion points told by Robert Cialdini onto your sales letter, you’ll find that you automatically have a great argument to get people to buy and you will build the trust and show the proof that your sales letter needs to have to begin with. Here are the seven elements that you need to be sure your sales letter has.

Number one, reciprocity. People return favors to people who give them a favor in the first place. That means, if you put an opt-in page in front of your sales letter offering a free gift, that’s a favor. If your sales letter divulges a lot of really good information before you even ask for the sale or present the offer, that’s a favor.

Number two, commitment and consistently. If you ask someone to do something and they just do it, that’s one thing but if you get them to promise first before doing it, then there’s a greater chance they will actually complete that action. That’s why if you have a high priced product, think about splitting it into two parts or at least adding an upsell. If someone buys one thing from you, offer product number two.

Number three, social proof. Others want to do what everyone else does. If you can add testimonials on your sales letter then people will want to be a part of that crowd and want to achieve the same results they’ve had as well. If you can show the results you have obtained other people including case studies and testimonials. That will help that to show that you know what you’re talking and that your product does what you say it does.

Number four, authority. If it appears that you’re in charge, then people are more likely to listen to you and do what you say. And, that means if you can show some kind of credentials or your own approve. That will help on top of the testimonials and case studies you add to your sales letter.

Number five, liking. There’s a reason why people on TV are attractive including in commercials because people tend to gravitate more towards people who look good. And, you can apply that in written formats, if you are a nice person. If you don’t offend your visitors and if you can account for all the possible types of people who come to your website. Let’s say that you were selling training on how to install WordPress, you’d make a mistake by only including people who have never used WordPress before. You might specifically call up people who haven’t used WordPress, who are experts on WordPress or social media on WordPress, and that way you make sure to include everyone. And, they can tell that you know what you’re talking about and that you care about them.

Number six, scarcity. If something is only available for a limited time, then there is a higher chance that someone will actually buy it. I’ve had a few products where they’re selling for $19 dollars and 95 cents, but I announced that the price was increasing by a mere $7 dollars, and it doubled the conversion rate from 5% to 10%. By announcing some change as a price increase or the offer will close soon, or even specify that if somebody does not act on your offer right now, what will the consequences be,

And those are six Robert Cialdini points you should check to make sure that your sales that are contains to make sure not only do you go into enough detail about your offer but you are being persuasive and convincing enough to get people to buy.

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