Rave Reviews

"Jack, your words of gift: My book is important to me, but was not urgent.

For the past 2 over years, my own career journey has been inspirational to myself - overcoming the odds, able to pick myself up and proving I have a lot in me, now the new chapter is how to woo and tell everyone the good work I have done. That's where the book comes.

Thanks to u  Jack for asking me to plan the book like training topics ... I find too many companies are not aware how important real estate is affecting them ! Too many wrong decisions as the question is what are the properties you have, not being coached on their property decisions.

Edith Tay
Business Owner, Singapore

"Jack is experienced and knowledgeable but will never rush to provide me with his opinion about things. He will deconstruct the question and patiently lead me towards finding my own answer because he believes in a unique personal answer rather than a standard model answer.

I had multiple ideas about businesses but had problems narrowing the focus to get deeper understanding about the options.

Jack has a step by step process to guide me towards finding my own answer. It helps to shed light on what is important by filtering out the noise like the “whats” and “hows”, leaving only what is essential which is the “why”. The process is effective and can be applied to solve future problems with clarity. Jack also uses personality analysis to uncover potential limiting beliefs because he believes that having the right mindset is far more important than having the right solution.

Wong Yi Sheng
Entrepreneur, Singapore

"Jack, although we are not close friend & we rarely meet. But I do really really appreciated that whenever I have some question, you are the person who always gives all out best recommendation from your experience without holding things back. It started when we knew each other during [another] Seminar.

Wesker Ling
Entrepreneur, Singapore

"Thank you Jack for facilitating and presenting this webinar. Thank you for being a terrier and chasing up on me to make sure I attend. I originally thought  I've done maybe 500 goal setting workshops, seminars or lectures in my life - why another one?" I decided to attend because, #1 it was Jack, and, #2 he quietly insisted that this would be different. I found it to be so. It was simple, but not easy; it was believable and achievable; it was NOT the hackneyed and regurgitated SMART stuff I thought it would be. It was a process that took some thinking about; it was challenging and it led me to realise that if you chase two rabbits you catch none; that if you focus on one [MDP] all else falls into place behind it. I am now determined to change my body image and to shed 31 kilos. I am now 130 kg. My target is 99 kg. I now have a clear and present target. Thanks Jack (and Jack's team of mentors)"

Rod Hyatt
Author, Australia

"25th June 2016, it has been a memorable experience for me, I have took up your suggestions. And the closing ratios is 45.45%, which is definitely a WOW for me.

Your idea is brilliant, the tool that I have learnt and used for the past 10 years have not just help me but many others, and I should share my “special” tools and knowledge to others despite whatever obstacles and limiting beliefs that I and other people had. As this tool is not known and practice by many. 

You have passed me a lot of your knowledge, expertise and you have helped me to overcome my beliefs. I truly agreed, we coaches need coaches and trainer, all of us is special in a way, and we do have lots of strengths, and it takes one person, who truly care to know about us and lead us to the light of path. 

And I am very glad, you are in my life, for you have given me an extra booster to strengthen my beliefs, my profession and my passion. 

You are one of the many great coaches, and I will continue to use and upgrade my skills to help many more people, to realize my vision to transform the lives of 1Million people by year 2020!

Clare Liang
Entrepreneur, Malaysia

"I really enjoyed your presentation at MegaSpeaker in Johannesburg this weekend.You have inspired many people including myself. Anyone with English as a second language need not be fearful of public speaking!"

Janis Mayer
Entrepreneur, South Africa