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Get this right and NEVER work a 9-5 again

If you’re sick of working for a boss or you just want more freedom and get paid well, I’ve got good news.

In a few months, you can work from home, get paid what you want and set your own hours.

By partnering with my multimillionaire friend Dan Lok.

Here’s a bit about him.

Over the years, Dan has built an 8-figure business empire before the age of 35. He has over 100K subscribers on YouTube. And he’s known by everyone on the internet as the King Of High-Ticket Sales.

Right now, his companies are growing fast.

But the problem is he’s a bit short on talent – so he’s asked me to find him a few good people who he can mentor and close deals for him.

For the right people, he’s going to make sure you get paid $5K-$25K a month.

If you’re interested in this, just watch his webinar by clicking here

On the webinar, he’ll show you how he’s able to pay you $5,000-$25,000 with:

  • Zero networking
  • Zero cold-calling
  • Zero money wasted on advertising
  • Zero inventory
  • Zero spamming people on Facebook
  • Zero pushing scammy stuff to your friends or family
  • Zero learning technical skill
  • Zero trying to keep up with the latest algorithms
  • Zero signing up for some b.s. multilevel marketing crap
  • And zero promoting shady stuff

The opportunity is only available until the spots are filled.

After that, the webinar is coming down.

So watch it now – while you still can by clicking HERE!

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Test And Track Your Traffic Using These Three Tools

When you test and track your website, you can find out where you’re best customers are coming from and what changes you should make. When you track, you can examine these factors and when you test you can try to change some of these factors. Tracking means you look at where the traffic is coming from and testing means you’re changing what’s on your page once they arrive.

To track, use Google Analytics. You sign up with Google Analytics, you paste a small block of code on your site and now you can see how many people come to your site, where they come from, and what they do on your page. You can also use AWStats which is a free tool inside of the cpanel backends in your webhost.

You test your site and with this you use Google Website Optimizer. What you do here is set up two versions of your opt-in page. Version A might have one headline. Version B will have a different headline and Google Website Optimizer will make sure to send half of the traffic to page A, half of the traffic to page B, and figure out which one of those made more people sign up. And if there is even a small improvement, for example, if one page makes ten out of every 100 people sign up and the other page makes 15 out of every 100 people sign up.

That might be significant enough to keep the changes and now if thousands of people happen to sign up on that opt-in page over time, that amounts to a large number of subscribers, and once you have a winner you can repeat and test it against a different headline. And, that ‘s how you test and track. Use Google Analytics and AWStats to find your traffic sources and Google Website Optimizer to improve your webpage conversion.

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Use Forums And Blogs To Get Easy Long-Term Traffic

You can try all the latest greatest traffic fads that you want but forums and blogs will get you visitors to your site over and over forever. A forum is a message board where people go to start conversations and reply to them, and a blog is a journal where one person adds posts to a website and the visitors can come and leave comments. But they are both sites that are regarded highly in the search engines and contain lots of content which means that many of them are high traffic sites.

Lots of people are on these sites at any given time. If you can have even a few links from those sites to yours, you can capture a small piece of a very big pie. The easy way to get a link to your site is from a forum and not all forums are created equally. But the good ones allow you to place a signature link underneath every post you make. What happens is you register for an account at a forum that you can add to the discussion. You find people asking questions or speaking about subjects that you know about, and you help.

You answer questions, you give advice. You are not there to promote yourself. You simply add to the discussion. After you make about 25 of these posts which might take a day or two, it’s time to edit your profile. And, many of these forums will allow you to place a bit of text or a text link underneath every single post you make on that forum or message board. And, if you go to a forum and you see that a lot of people have this link under their name, it’s a good place to sign up and start talking because now you have a extra link back to your site for every message you have left there.

If you have 50 posts, that is 50 links back to your site. You can have a signature link. You can place a special offer if the forum allows it and if the forum has Chitika or Adsense ads, you can run a ad campaign and target that specific site that every page of that site links back to you. Blogs are slightly different. With a blog, one person posts, many people comments and there are a few ways to get links to your site. Many people wrongly believe that having a link from a blog is not worth it because it is usually a nofollow link. Meaning that search engines are told not to count it and increase the ranking if a good site links to it but that doesn’t matter because we’re trying to get regular human visitors on a blog to click back to us.

And, that means that if you leave a blog comment and type in your url with the comment, every comment that you leave means a link back to your site. Fifty comments means fifty links. You can write a blog post and submit it to that blog owner as a guest blog post, and at the bottom have an “about the author” box and link back to your site. You can give them banner ads or a site target, their domain name if they have an adsense ad. But that’s how to get links back and traffic from forums and blogs.

The bottom line is that you should be sending your traffic back to some kind of an opt-in page, and look at how much of that traffic comes from a particular site. If you see that you get a lot of clicks, opt-ins and sales from a particular message board or blog, repeat it. It means go back and devote more time to posting on that forum or blog because that brings you in some subscribers and money.

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Single Opt-In Or Double Opt-In: Which Is Better For Listing Building And Email Marketing,

When you set up your signup form for your autoresponder, you usually have a choice of single opt-in which is also called unconfirmed opt-in and double opt-in which is also called confirmed opt-in. Let’s make sure you understand the difference and you know which one you should use.

Single opt-in means there is no confirmation email. Someone comes to you to your webpage, you offer them a free gift. They type in their name and email address, and their immediately redirected to that free gift. And, they are also immediately placed on your email subscriber list. The problem with this is that any person can type in any email address and that person will be added to your list but someone was playing a joke and adding someone else to your autoresponder.

The alternative is double opt-in which is where someone needs to confirm to receive the gift. They come to your site, they see they want the gift. They type in their first name, their email address, they click send but instead of receiving the gift right away they are shown a message that says to check their email inbox for a confirmation link. They go to their email program, they get the mail. They see that message and they have to click on a very special link to get redirected to the gift. And now, and only now are they placed on your list of email subscribers.

The advantage to this is that you have a cleaner list and you can prove basically that anyone who chose to join actually does have control over that email account. But the problem with this is that it’s a very confusing process for someone to take. Before they filled in a form and clicked the gift, now they fill in the form, check their email, click a link and finally, collect the gift and there are many places where you could lose them. They might not think to check their email. They might check their email and the confirmation message does not appear right away.

A number of things can happen but either way you should give people something to do while they wait. Which means that if you have a single opt-in and unconfirmed process, give them the download gift but afterwards send them to your sales letter where they can possibly buy something. If you have a double opt-in, instead of showing them the usual “check your email and confirm your opt-in message,” send them to your sales letter with a box at the top saying “Check your email to confirm your subscription.” That way they always end up no matter what at your sales letter, there is no dead end.

Now comes the question, should you use single unconfirmed opt-in or double confirmed opt-in, And, the answer is use single opt-in whenever possible because it’s easier on your subscribers and you’ll build a list faster that way. Remember that most autoresponders will handle email bounces which means if someone types in a fake email address, it would automatically remove that. And, all emails come with an unsubscribe link and keeps a record of the IP address and location where someone joined your list. That way even if someone places a spam complaint, you can prove that someone somewhere joined your list.

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What Is A Forced Opt-In Page, Why Do You Need One, And How You Can Set It Up In The Next Few Minutes,

If you don’t yet have an email responder service to build a list of email subscribers, you need to sign up for an account right away but getting an account is not enough. You need to also set-up a signup form but if you place a signup form on any old webpage, the average person is not going to know to fill in their information unless they really want to hear from you again.

Let’s make it as easy as possible and create a full forced opt-in page which is a page where there’s nothing else people can do other than to sign up for your mailing list, and that’s it. There are no links to say “no thanks.” There are no links to other sites. There is nothing someone can do on this page but sign up for your mailing list and collect a free gift.

To make your forced opt-in page convert a little bit better, you can create several of them and welcome particular visitors from a certain traffic source. If you have Joe Smith as one of your affiliates, you can have that opt-in page say, “Welcome Joe Smith Subscribers.” If you’re promoting on a real estate forum, you can have that particular landing page say, “Welcome Real Estate Forum Visitors.” But it helps to customize your offer based on how people ended up on your landing page or forced opt-in page.

And, all that’s left is to promote that gift at the forum you want, from your blog or on someone else’s site. But not only do you need to have an autoresponder account set-up and you create a form and put it on a webpage, but also promote this on forums, blogs or othere websites.

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Build A Responsive Buyers List With These Three Components

If you really want to have a list of subscribers in your autoresponders that are eager to get your messages, who read what you say, click on what you tell them to go to, and buy. You need to have a list of buyers. Having that freebie list built from forced opt-in pages and blog opt-in pages are great but nothing beats a buyers list.

To build this kind of list, you need to have a list from the right crowd. Make sure people sign up or opt-in after purchase, introduce yourself, and tell them about your other offers. It’s one thing to send traffic to a forced opt-in page where there’s nothing for sale, where they only have to their name and email address.

But it’s another thing to send people to your site, have them buy the first time they see your sales letter, and get them to opt-in afterwards. And, a really great source of traffic for this is from message boards or forums because you can contribute lots of good information, get people to know they can trust you, by that time they click over to your they know you and they are ready to buy, and now you’ve built a new subscriber from that buyer.

The same thing could be true on Facebook or Twitter if you do enough one-on-one interaction. Now, the easy way to build a list of buyers is to get people to buy and place an email opt-in form on your download page. Somebody clicked, they bought, they downloaded now they are signing up for updates and depending on your autoresponder and payment processor, for example, Aweber and PayPal. You can set things up so that when somebody pays you money, they are automatically subscribed to your mailing list.

And, now you have these ultra qualified buyers who you can use to get testimonials from, get feedback or even tell them about your future offers. But you can’t do that unless you send them messages to those buyers. Make sure as soon as they get on this buyers list, you introduce yourself. You tell them who you are. You tell them how they can get to that download and what other kinds of things you offer and over time, promote your other offers and explain why because they bought this product. Product number two is perfect for them as well.

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How Many Hours Per Week Are Necessary To Maintain A Membership Site,

Even for large membership site, you don’t have to spend tons of time taking care of your members and adding in new content. In fact it is very easy and tempting to overload your members by updating too much and piling too much into that site. All you need to maintain a membership site is about one hour per week. And here’s how I would structure it, 30 minutes for content, 20 minutes for promotion, and 10 minutes for maintenance.

With the membership site, one big piece per week is all you really need. This might be 30 minutes making a video, or an audio, or a handful of articles, but you can compress a lot of good information into one single block of time, then, that’s good enough. Hence, what you can do then is have one big piece and cut it up into smaller pieces like, 15-minute interviews or fifteen minute halves. You can take your one 30-minute video and add an assignment to the end of the video that drips out a few days later. You can add a checklist or places you were able to brag about, what you have done or a quick start guide a few days after that. But if you just have one chunk of content every week, you can then build on that. And 30 minutes is good enough. An hour of content recording is good if you want to have a higher priced membership site, but basically, 30 minutes of recording video content.

But content is not enough, you also need to promote your site and get new members in to replace the ones that drop out every now and then. So spend 20 minutes doing something to get either one new member in or one new person to promote. This might mean posting a special offer on a forum, contacting someone new to be an affiliates or even just e-mailing your subscribers and talking to people one on one and asking them, what will it take to get them inside of your membership site.

And for the remaining 10 minutes added every week, you do need to just check in and make sure that everything is okay with your membership site. Some people may not know this, that they can grab their lost password and need to tell them the password. Some people might have left comments or forum posts that you need to moderate and make them live or even respond to people who have asked questions or run across problems. You also might tweak your membership site theme, or plug-ins, or structure for those few minutes because we are always improving, because you don’t have to set-up your membership site perfect the first time, just get something out there and improve it incrementally as it goes on.

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My Sifu – Dan Lok is giving you an opportunity to make $5K-$25K a month

I’ve got a very successful friend who’s looking to pay a handful of people $5K-$25K a month.

If you want to set your own hours, make good money and work from anywhere in the world, then be sure to read this carefully.

Back to my friend.

His name is Dan Lok

Over the years, Dan has built an 8-figure business empire before the age of 35. He has over 100K subscribers on YouTube. And he’s known by everyone on the internet as the King Of High-Ticket Sales.

Right now, his companies are growing fast.

But the problem is he’s a bit short on talent – specifically, he’s looking for people to close deals for him.

So he told me to share this with you.

If you’re looking for something new or you want to make a bit of money on the side, you want to get on this.

Dan is looking for a few people who want to make VERY good money and be mentored by him every step of the way.

The first step is for you to watch Dan’s training video to see if this is right for you

Click here

And by the way, this isn’t some kind of MLM or get rich quick b.s. So don’t expect to be selected by Dan if you want easy money without hard work.

This is a serious opportunity for anyone who is tired of the direction of their life now and wants to make a change.

You can see his training here:

See you on the other side!

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Keep As Many People As Possible And Retain More Members In Your Membership Site

When you have a monthly membership site, people will drop out from time to time, sometimes in their control, sometimes it’s not. But you can take a few preventive measures to make sure that if they have a choice, your members will stay inside your site as long as possible. Be upfront about your rebilling, announce what content is ahead, and keep in touch with your members using e-mail follow-ups.

It just is common sense on your sales letter to tell people what amount they will be charged every month and how much will they be charged. But far too many people skip this step. If you’re offering a hundred dollar per month membership site then tell people that when they buy they will be billed $100 immediately, and then $100 every 30 days until they cancel. You would be amazed that people who get confused about this. They might think that it’s free now but they won’t be charged until 30 days, or that they will be billed every 31 days, or on the first of the month, so you need to tell them ahead of time this is exactly what you’re being charged. And this is a good reason to avoid trial offers, or up sells, or forth-cut nudie when a monthly membership site is concerned. Tell them what and when they will be billed and bill them in exchange for the content or the services inside of the membership site.

And once you were inside the membership site, tell them what content is coming. Will you be providing two audio files per month, What day of the month will they be played out, Tell them and let them expect it. Even if you say it on the sales letter, it really can’t hurt when they log in to the site to see what’s coming up and you might actually save a few cancellations. What if one of your customers sees that they have been billed, logs in to cancel, but then notices that if they just wait a few more days they would have access to a video that they really want. Make it simple and tell your members what content is ahead.

But you can’t expect them to keep logging in and checking in, can you, That is why you should also keep in touch with e-mail follow-ups. Tell them what’s coming out tomorrow. Tell them what you just posted, tell them what you posted last week, but think of an excuse to contact those members at least once per week either telling them about new content or asking them to participate in some way. Every blog post you have in your membership site could be an excuse to mail. Every comment someone leaves in a blog post could be an excuse, every form post, or apply in a form post can be an excuse to mail as well. So get your paying customers to log back into your membership site so that they actually consume what they are paying for.

And those are some easy ways to keep people or retain members in your membership site. Be upfront about the price and the rebilling, announce content that’s coming up, and keep in touch about your e-mail responder about what content you just added.

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Fully Or Partially Outsource Your Membership Site Using This Easy Guide

A membership site sounds easy and sounds like a lot of fun, right, If you can get a certain number of people to pay you a certain dollar figure every month then you can pay for your car payment or pay for your house payment. It sounds fun, to get things started and to make content and to get people into your site, but, how can we automate this so that it does not become a chore,

And the thing you need to know about outsourcing anything especially membership sites is that you do not have to outsource the entire thing. And I’m not even sure that everything can be outsourced at all.

I trust myself. I trust myself to make my own videos, or make my own connections, or get my own traffic, but I am okay with outsourcing the non-creative items. For example, if I make a video and I want to add a transcript, I trust other people to make transcripts out of those videos. If I am running low on membership site content, I trust many other marketers who offer resell rights to have decent content, and I have no problem purchasing resell rights from others to use as content inside the membership site. I am fine with buying a design or a WordPress theme or paying someone to have graphics made for me, but I still want to make my own videos and do my own promotions. Outsource the non-creative laborious stuff that takes you a lot of time and do the creative parts on your own.

And also, make sure that you automate most of your membership site software as possible. For example, with a software like wish list member, you can automate not just a part really were they buy but also the security which cuts off their access when they cancel. If someone loses their password, WordPress will take care of resetting their password or e-mailing a new one to them.

A lot of the tasks that go towards maintaining your membership site are not that difficult and you can devote just an hour a week towards making sure everyone who has cancelled is cancelled, anyone who asked for a password has a new one, and anyone whose payment didn’t go through is taken care of.
But, don’t think about outsourcing or membership site outsourcing as an all or nothing choice. You can outsource the things that take you too long or that you don’t want to do and leave the creative stuff to yourself.

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